Osmani: Kosovo will continue to be on the side of Albania

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Albania celebrates today the 109th anniversary of the declaration of independence in all Albanian territories. This day is a triple celebration in Albanian lands, which marks Flag Day, the birthday of the legendary commander Adem Jashari and the first public appearance of the KLA.

On the occasion of marking this great day for Albanians, the Embassy of Albania in Pristina has organized a reception tonight, attended by heads of Kosovo institutions, ambassadors, MPs and many other guests.

In his occasional speech, the Ambassador of Albania in Pristina Qemajl Minxhozi said that he feels happy that this great day is being celebrated by Albanians around the world.

"I am just happy for some reason. November 28 is a holiday three times, it is the holiday of Skanderbeg, 1443, it is the holiday of Flag Independence, it is the holiday, the Birthday of Adem Jashari, and today on this day of the three holidays I would single out the Flag Day which fills every Albanian with pride wherever. When I was coming to Kosovo today, people ask me on the street in the meetings I had in the morning, they say where this holiday is celebrated more in Albania or in Kosovo. I told the question you made a mistake - the holiday is celebrated everywhere, in Kosovo, Albania, Chameria, Macedonia, America, Italy and France and wherever Albanians live. "Everyone is proud of the holiday they have today", said Ambassador Minxhozi.

He said that with the declaration of independence, the Albanians showed the world that the Albanian nation exists and comes as a result of centuries of painstaking efforts for freedom. He also honored all the men from Kosovo who supported Ismail Qemajli in declaring independence in Vlora.

While the President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, wished the Flag Day, saying that it is a celebration that Albanians everywhere do together.

"Today we are here because we want to convey a message, that of the spirit of integration, of further facilitating the lives of citizens, removing barriers of any kind and the affirmation of the European spirit. We are here not only because Flag Day brings us together, this date has much more historical weight, because in addition to Skanderbeg November 28, today we will mark November 28 as the birthday of the legendary commander Adem Jashari and on this day the Liberation Army of Kosovo was presented to the public for the first time… On this day of the Flag Day anniversary, I feel proud that Albania and Kosovo, despite the challenges, are moving with confident steps towards European perspectives. I wish Albania and Kosovo success in all areas of common interest. Kosovo will continue to be Albania's side in the interest of the common interest, further deepening our fraternal ties, said Osmani.

Prime Minister Albin Kurti wished for Flag Day, saying that November 28 reminds Albanians of the most sublime act in their history - the Day of the Declaration of Independence.

"November 28 is a multiple holiday in the history of the Albanian nation, it is Flag Day, it is Independence Day, it is also the birthday of the legendary commander Adem Jashari, the day of the public appearance of the KLA, a holiday which is the essence of the state Albanian national team that makes us feel what we are and that keeps our dreams alive. Like November 28, which is an annual holiday, today we are pleased that Albania and Kosovo as two countries develop very good common relations for all our citizens… It is our duty to make these two houses strong for support of Albanians who are outside them everywhere in the Balkans and in the diaspora ", said Kurti.

Otherwise, the almost 500-year-old efforts since the time of Skanderbeg, the numerous uprisings and connections of the Albanians for liberation from the Ottoman occupier and the establishment of the state were crowned in Vlora. On November 28, 1912, Ismail Qemali raised the flag in Vlora declaring Albania a sovereign and independent state.

The declaration of independence in 1912, in addition to other diplomatic initiatives of the Albanian renaissance, is preceded by four important events in Albanian history, such as the Albanian League of Prizren in 1878, the opening of the first Albanian school in Elbasan in 1887, the League of Peja in 1899, and the Monastery Congress in 1908.