Pensions will be granted in the middle of the month

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The Minister of Finance, Labor and Transfers, Hekuran Murati, said today that in Kosovo there will be no pensions below 100 euros.

"So the pensions that were 75 euros for people with disabilities, 90 euros for basic pensions, 90 euros for family pension and 90 euros for disability pension, all these categories, so from now on become permanent in the amount of 100 euros, "said Murati, writes

The Minister said that pensions will be paid in the middle of the month and not in the last week of the month as it has been so far.

"Starting from this month, we will try, on Friday, eventually on Monday, to realize the realization of pensions, ie the 17th at the latest. "From this month onwards, we will have the payment of pensions in the middle of the month and the salaries at the end", added Murati./21Media