Police in action, 100 illegal sheep in Kosovo

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Kosovo Border Police, during the day in two different locations, has prevented smuggling of animals, specifically sheep. In both cases the number of sheep encountered by police patrols is 50 sheep

The police through a press release has announced that in the first case, at 13:35, the police patrol in the village of Debelldeh of Viti, stopped the truck with local license plates driven by a Kosovar man, in whose truck were 50 sheep, it is suspected that a truck with sheep entered the territory of the Republic of Northern Macedonia through illegal roads in our country.

While in the second case, around 19:45, the police unit on the highway Brnjak-Mitrovica, in the village Zupqë, stopped a truck without license plates, with a Kosovar male driver, in whose truck were found 50 sheep. It is suspected that the sheep entered the territory of the Republic of Kosovo through Serbia through illegal routes.

Competent prosecutors have been notified for both cases, criminal cases have been initiated, and the trucks together with the sheep have been handed over to the Kosovo Customs./21Media