Protesters pleaded guilty and apologized for the attack on police

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The Tetovo court announced the verdict for the protesters for the September 8 tragedy in Tetovo. The five protesters were sentenced to 1 year probation each, but within 3 years they are not allowed to repeat the same act. The convicts had previously pleaded guilty and had apologized to the police officers attacked in the protest. The latter had accepted their pardon and did not seek compensation, but criminal liability.

The probationers with 1 year each are Blerim Ahmedi, Naser Beluli, Arjan Sherifi, Xhemal Sadiku and Veton Aliti.

Blerim Ahmedi, Naser Beluli, Arjan Sherifi, Xhemal Sadiku and Veton Aliti based on the decision of the court will have to be released from custody within 24 hours.

The father of the convict Blerim Ahmeti, Mustfa Ameti says that he is not satisfied since his son has protested for justice, while he says that those who should be responsible for the tragedy are free.

"We are not satisfied after the people who defend justice were found guilty, they came out to defend justice, they did not come out to break the demolition, they came out to express an unusual civil revolt. I was not there but I followed them until the moment when the police blocked them. "Then he had an accident to make it happen," said Mustafa Ahmedi.

On October 17, a protest was organized in Tetovo, demanding responsibility for the 14 lives lost in the modular hospital in Tetovo. The protest escalated when a police cordon blocked the way of protesters who had headed to the headquarters of the Democratic Union for Integration. Some of the protesters tried to reach the headquarters through a private house, where they clashed with a police cordon, after which five already convicted protesters were arrested./TV21