Testing again during the weekend on the streets of Prishtina

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The Municipality of Prishtina announces that on Saturday, May 21 and Sunday, May 22, starting from 06:00 - 23:40, the second test of the transformation of the entire central ring of the Capital into a one-way roundabout for vehicles continues.

According to the announcement, the one-way roundabout during this weekend will be functional in the direction of roads:

- Street "Agim Ramadani" from the traffic lights near the former canteen of Students to the roundabout behind the building of the Municipality.
- "KLA" street from the Parliament to the former Kino Rinia
- Migjeni Street to the former OSCE building
- "Luan Haradinaj" street to the traffic lights near the Central Bank
- "Garibaldi" street to the traffic lights near Grandi

On the same dates, the following roads will be closed to vehicles and will be used for the activities foreseen in the "Spring Festival": "George Bush" Street to the traffic lights near the Cathedral. "Garibardi" street to the traffic lights near "Dritan Hoxha" street.

"We call on citizens to be patient during this probationary period of changing the traffic with vehicles, since the main purpose of the test is the long-term solution of freeing the space for pedestrians according to the recommendations of the road task force, and relieving road traffic congestion . ”, It is said in the announcement./21Media