No casualties were reported in Norway after the archery

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Some people have been killed and others injured in Norway after a person used a bow and arrow to attack them.

Police have announced that the incident took place in the town of Kongsberg southwest of the capital Oslo, in the afternoon hours of Wednesday.

Chief Oeyvind Aas, has said that the suspect is busy and seems to have acted alone.

The suspect was reported to have moved inside the town and authorities have cordoned off several areas.

The media reported that the attacker fired a gun when he was inside a shop in the western part of Kongsberg.

Residents have been told to stay inside.

Police have said the suspect has now been taken to the police station in the town of Dramen.

According to the Police, the number of victims is not known, as well as the motive of the attack.

The injured were taken to nearby hospitals for treatment.

Amounts of emergency vehicles were seen at the scene, including ambulances, police cars and helicopters.

The Ministry of Justice in Norway, Monica Maeland, has been informed and is closely monitoring the situation, the Ministry said through a post on Twitter./Rel