HUCSK: 10 patients from Albania are being treated with COVID-19

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Within the Clinical and University Hospital Service of Kosovo, 10 patients from Albania are receiving health treatment from COVID-19, 5 in the General Hospital of Prizren and 5 others within the General Hospital of Gjakova.

HUCSK announces that in COVID-19 clinics, UCCK and general hospitals 88 patients are being treated, 52 of them with oxygen therapy and 3 in intensive care in aggravated health condition.

Number of patients by COVID-19 clinics and general hospitals

Infectious Diseases Clinic, 88 patients

Infectious Diseases Clinic II (Sports Medicine) 4 patients

Pulmonology Clinic, 26 post-covid-19 patients

Intensive Care at Infectious Diseases Clinic, 4 patients

Prizren Hospital, 5 patients

Gjakova Hospital, 5 patients

Gjilan Hospital, 8 patients

Mitrovica Hospital, 6 patients

Ferizaj Hospital, 11 patients

There are currently 1 active cases of coronavirus in Kosovo. / 21Media