The Socially Owned Enterprise "Brezovica" starts working

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The Privatization Agency of Kosovo has announced that the Socially Owned Enterprise "Brezovica" has started operating.

An Interim Board has been appointed following an announcement.

“The Board of Directors of PAK appointed the new Interim Management Board for SOE Inex Sharr Planina-Brezovica, Shtërpce, consisting of six members. This enterprise by decision of the Board of Directors of PAK was previously placed under Direct Administration of the KPA on December 22, 2020. In this meeting, the progress of affairs in Brezovica was discussed and the obligations of the Board of Brezovica to fulfill their legal duties for the full functioning of Brezovica in accordance with the laws were discussed in detail. of Kosovo, including: Installation of fiscal cash registers; Financial and operational reporting to KPA; "Regular declaration of taxes to TAK as well as the implementation of the laws of Kosovo", it is said in the announcement.

According to the announcement, in the meeting it was agreed to start the ski season as soon as possible, to maintain genuine cooperation and to continue with the activities of the enterprise, in which case the entire operation of the enterprise will be done according to the legal infrastructure of Kosovo.

All members of the Board of Brezovica assured of their cooperation, good work and compliance with the instructions of the KPA and the legal provisions of the laws of Kosovo.

Also, PAK informs the public that the skeletons were released in operation on the morning of January 16, 2022 and that the regular operation of Brezovica will continue../21Media