Tahiri asks the Budget Committee to bring the draft law on the Trust

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The head of the PDK parliamentary group, Abelard Tahiri, has said that the draft law proposed by this parliamentary group for the withdrawal of the trust will not be held at Thursday's meeting.

"We expected that in this meeting of the presidency to be treated the draft law proposed by PDK for the withdrawal of the trust, such an issue is still in the Committee on Budget and Transfers. We request that the commission react as soon as possible, so that we can proceed as soon as possible for the next session. So on Thursday it will not be possible to address this long-awaited draft law by the citizens of Kosovo ", said Tahiri.

According to Tahiri, it is likely that he will enter the agenda at the next meeting.

Meanwhile, The head of the AAK parliamentary group, Besnik Tahiri, said that there will be a security debate in Thursday's meeting./ 21Media