Temperatures down to -17 degrees, schools are closed for 3 days

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The Minister of Education of Albania, Evis Kushi informed today that the schools will be closed next week for three days, due to the low temperatures.

The Minister has announced that the lost hours will be replaced.

"According to meteorological forecasts, in the following days very low temperatures are expected, which are extraordinary temperatures for a country like ours. It will even reach -17 degrees Celsius in some areas. For this reason, since our absolute priority at all times is the health and well-being of our children, we have decided that the schools will be closed next week, from Monday to Wednesday, and the lost hours will be replaced in the following after a the second notification in cooperation with the local education offices, ”the minister wrote.

She added that if the forecasts do not turn out to be accurate and the temperatures become more acceptable, "we will review this decision and will be in constant communication with you, because for us the learning process is of paramount importance."

"Please take measures for you and your children, in order to overcome these difficult winter days as easily as possible," the minister wrote on Facebook.21Media