The Taliban warn the US and the EU

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The Taliban-led government in Afghanistan has warned the United States and the European Union that their efforts to impose sanctions through sanctions could pose a security threat and trigger a wave of economic refugees.

Taliban government Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi told Western diplomats during talks in Doha that "the weakening of the Afghan government is not in anyone's interest, because the negative effects will directly affect the world in the security sector and economic migration." . The Taliban have a political office in Doha, Qatar.

The Taliban toppled the US-backed Afghan government in August after a two-decade conflict, and have declared an Islamic emirate ruled through a harsh interpretation of Islamic law.

But efforts to stabilize the country have run into difficulties as they face attacks from rival extremist group Islamic State-Khorasan and the international community has yet to recognize their government by freezing funds as well.

In Afghan banks cash is running out and civil servants are not paid.

"We urge countries around the world to lift existing sanctions and allow banks to operate normally so that charities, organizations and the government can pay the salaries of their staff with their own reserves," the minister was quoted as saying. Taliban, Western diplomats.

European countries in particular are concerned that if the Afghan economy collapses, large numbers of migrants will head to the European continent.

Washington and the EU have said they are ready to support humanitarian initiatives in Afghanistan, but are cautious in providing direct support to the Taliban without guaranteeing that they will respect human rights, especially women's rights./ 21Media