The action ends in the north, the Police give details

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Kosovo Police has provided details regarding today's action against smuggling. This operation was carried out in the region of Prishtina, Peja, South Mitrovica and North Mitrovica.

It is announced that during this action 6. police officers were injured, while 8 persons were arrested / escorted to the Police by police actions in all regions.

"As a result of the shooting with various deadly means towards police officers, so far it has been reported that (6) police officers have suffered bodily injuries, of which (5) officials of Albanian nationality and (1) of Serbian nationality. "Based on the initial information, one of the persons involved in the attack on police officers was injured," Kosovo Police announced.

According to the Police, in all other regions the police operation went smoothly, but in the north of Mitrovica organized criminal groups have gathered, created roadblocks with various means of transport, used gas cylinders, shock bombs, shots with firearms and hand grenades, for the purpose of obstructing and attacking customs and police officers who have been in the line of duty.

"Referring to the situation created, direct endangerment of officials, roadblocks, use of gas cylinders, shock bombs, use of firearms and hand grenades by suspects and damage / arson of official vehicles, Kosovo Police has been forced to take police action using the necessary legal means, in order to provide security to officials involved in the operation, citizens in the area and create the possibility of free movement and movement ", announced the Police.

According to the Police, the arrested are:

RK (1957) Kosovar / Albanian male from Peja region,

AK (1979) Kosovar / Albanian male from Prishtina region,

MN (1990) Kosovar / Albanian male from Mitrovica South region,

IZ (1982) Kosovar / Albanian male from the Mitrovicë / Mitrovica South region,

AD (1995) Kosovar / Albanian men from the Mitrovica South region,

M. Dz. (1958) Kosovar / Bosnian male from the Mitrovica North region,

IH (1975) Kosovar / Albanian male from Mitrovica North region,

ML (1978) Kosovar / Serbian male from North Mitrovica region.

Also, various smuggled goods and evidence in the amount of hundreds of thousands of euros were seized, which serve as material evidence, which were located in different locations, business premises, warehouses / warehouses, etc.

The police operation has ended, the situation in the northern part of Mitrovica has calmed down, while further police actions are being carried out in cooperation and coordination with Kosovo Customs and the judiciary./ 21Media