The health condition of the injured during the action in the north of the country

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The General Director of HUCSK, Valbon Krasniqi, visited the Emergency Clinic, to be informed about the condition of today's injured in Mitrovica, during the action in the north.

Dr. Gëzim Mustafa, informed him that four people have sought medical help at the Emergency Clinic and that all are out of danger for life.

Director Krasniqi thanked the medical staff for the care shown, while wishing the injured a speedy recovery.

He told the media that after providing health care, diagnostic and radiological examinations, all were released home.

Today, a police operation was carried out against the smuggling of goods in Prishtina, Peja, South Mitrovica and North Mitrovica. While in all other regions the police operation went smoothly, in the north of Mitrovica organized criminal groups have gathered, created roadblocks with various means of transport, used gas cylinders, shock bombs, firearms shots and hand grenades, in order to prevent and attack customs and police officers, who have been on duty./21Media