Sveçla: The prosecutor and the pre-trial judge are Serbs

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The anti-smuggling operation is not directed against any nationality, but against criminals.

This was stated by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Kosovo, Xhelal Sveçla, in a press conference alongside the Director of Kosovo Police, Sabedin Mehmeti.

Sveçka said that the prosecutor of the operation in question is a Serb, as well as the pre-trial judge is a Serb.

"This operation is not directed against any nationality. This operation is directed against criminals who have smuggled illegal goods into the territory of Kosovo. Let me inform you that the prosecutor of the case is a Serb, the pre-trial judge is a Serb, the members of the Rapid Reaction Unit in the north are mostly Serbs, most of the arrested are Albanians, most of the wanted are Albanians, so it is not done "It is about any state repression against anyone", said Sveçla.

Sveçla clarified that the owner of the pharmacy where the police officers were attacked is Albanian, while he said that Vuiqi e and no one else can protect him from the law.

Otherwise, ten police officers have suffered injuries from grenade explosions that were thrown during the action undertaken by the Police against smuggling in northern Kosovo.

The Director of the Kosovo Police said that one of the persons involved in the attack on police officers was injured.21Media