The famous rapper is arrested, accused of physical violence against his ex-girlfriend

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The American rapper, Tyga, has been arrested after he is suspected of having used physical violence on his ex-girlfriend Camaryn Swanson, the authorities have announced.

The 31-year-old, whose name is Michael Stevenson was arrested after Swanson, posted on Instagram photos where her swollen eye looked black.

"I was emotionally and physically abused and I will not hide this," Swanson told InstaStory.

He was released from prison on $ 50,000 bail.

Also, from sources close to the rapper, it is reported that Swanson appeared at his home at 03:00 on Monday morning, shouting and at that moment he let him in and the situation changed.

Swanson filed a police report Monday after leaving the rapper's house where the incident took place.

"When I tried to leave, he physically attacked me and refused to let me leave for hours. "I am so ashamed that I had to get here, but I have to stand up for myself," Swanson wrote.

The rapper long ago was in a love affair with billionaire Kylie Jenner./ 21Media