The worker tries to take revenge on the boss, but he mistaken the car

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"A desperate man destroyed his boss's car in revenge," he thought. However, it was the wrong Audi that he damaged.

Revenge is known to be nice, but not so nice when the act of revenge is turned against. This happened to a man in Zagreb. Out of anger that his boss owed him some salaries, he wanted to teach him a lesson, reports.

Out of desperation, he grabbed an ax with the intent of smashing his boss's car. The 44-year-old hit a black Audi A8 3.0 TDI Quattro with an ax in the middle of the day. He broke all the windows and left clear marks all over the vehicle.

Before beginning his retaliatory action, according to witnesses, he asked a man sitting next to the car to leave so as not to be hit by the glass and injured. Then he let go of his anger. When the 44-year-old finished the action, he sat next to the car.

Police were there very quickly and arrested the man immediately. He accepted everything and described the circumstances.

Unfortunately, his plan failed. Because, as it turned out, he had broken Audi - in the wrong. The broken vehicle is owned by a company. The owner was shocked after arriving at the scene, did not believe his eyes. In a conversation with the Croatian portal "24 Sata", the person in question said "I have never seen this man before. I have a car rental company and the car has just been rented. ” Suddenly it became just rubbish./21Media