Thousands of people in Sweden are inserting microchips under the skin, here's why

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Thousands of people in Sweden are inserting small microchips under their skin making their lives a lot easier as they no longer have to carry IDs, fitness cards and work cards.

However, although this poses a risk to individual data about 3,000 Swedes have introduced small microchips into their bodies over the past three years, according to AFP.

Electronic labels are about the size of a grain of rice and are placed on the back of the hand through a syringe.

Many employees use them to enter their office buildings, as a fitness card, to buy food from vending machines, and even as train tickets.

In one year, about 130 passengers registered for Sweden's national railway microchip reservation service.

However, microchips have been extremely popular in Sweden, where a digital center in Stockholm has made the chip available to its employees and member organizations in recent years.