The new regulation will prevent the failure of the presidency meetings

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The new Rules of Procedure of the Assembly of Kosovo are expected to be adopted within this winter session. The changes made will prevent the failure of the presidency meetings, as has been happening in recent weeks. The progress and progress of the legislature is expected to be led by a new body called

"Conference of mayors", with participants and the right to vote by the heads of parliamentary groups. Through these actions it is considered that the bodies of the Assembly and the role of the deputy will be strengthened. And for the "lazy" deputies, who are absent from the plenary sessions, it is expected that there will be sanctions in the financial aspect.

The chairman of the committee for legislation, at the same time the leader of the working group for drafting the regulation, Adnan Rrustemi, says that the final draft of the regulation is in the end and in the following days it will be distributed to the parliamentary groups for comments and suggestions before being sent for approval. in session.

He says that the adoption of the new regulation is necessary for the Assembly to strengthen the role and duties of MPs.

In addition, Rrustemi adds that they are discussing mechanisms for punishing MPs who do not participate in plenary sessions.

"We have almost completed the draft, of course we are dealing with some details that are more controversial. We will also have a workshop where we will finalize the version of the draft regulation which will be distributed to parliamentary groups for comments and suggestions before being sent to the session for approval. I think there is no reason not to conclude within this session, other than the internal committee approval procedures and the discussion of whether it will be passed in one or two readings… 5: 20 We have strengthened the responsibilities and duties of the deputy . Of course we are discussing the mechanisms of how to punish MPs who do not participate in sessions or committee meetings. However, it is a responsibility to their voters in advance, but it is also necessary to fulfill the functions of the assembly. "It is not right for the deputies not to participate in the sessions of the Assembly so easily, at least when it is not a political action, I mean", he says.

The adoption of the new regulation is also supported by the opposition. PDK MP, Hajdar Beqa says that it is in the interest of the Assembly to pass the same.

However, he is more skeptical that the regulation will be adopted in the winter session.

"The Committee on Legislation has made a working group which is continuing. I am optimistic that if there is agreement from all parliamentary parties it could pass next year to the spring session. It is in the interest of the Assembly to pass the regulation as there are positive changes in the new regulation ", says Beqa.

On the other hand, the monitor of the work of the Assembly from KDI, Agnesa Haxhiu, shows details about possible changes in the work of the legislature with the new regulation.

"The draft phase has not yet been completed by the working group to be forwarded in comments to the parliamentary groups and go to the first reading in the committee and session. If there is political will this could be completed by the end of the year… There are quite a few changes compared to the current regulation, one of them being the new body that is being tried to be created, which is the conference of mayors. It is a kind of body that more or less takes over the competencies of the presidency of the Assembly. One of the competencies is precisely the setting of the agenda, which has started to become problematic due to the lack of quorum in the presidency Ë It was intended to create a special session only for parliamentary questions so as not to take too much time consideration of other points, this is still debatable. It was also discussed about the sanctions of the deputies for the non-participation of the deputies in the works ", she says.

The new Rules of Procedure of the Assembly have failed to be adopted in previous legislatures due to lack of political will./kp