In anticipation of Atalanta-Villarreal, these are all teams qualified for the 1/16 stage

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We have to wait for the next day (Thursday) when the match between Atalanta and Villarreal will take place to complete the mosaic of 16 teams that have qualified for the direct elimination phase of the Champions League, but the names of 15 teams are already known. have continued further in this race.

Of course, this phase will be missed by big teams like Milan and Barcelona, ​​as well as Borussia Dortmund, but it will still be a big fight of the top European teams to go as far as possible in this very important European competition. .

After Wednesday's matches, here are all the teams that have advanced to the 1/16 stage of the UEFA Champions League:

Manchester City, Paris-Saint-Germain, Liverpool, Atletico Madrid, Ajax, Sporting Lisbon, Real Madrid, Inter, Juventus, Chelsea, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Benfica, Lille and Salzburg.