Weather forecast in Northern Macedonia

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In Northern Macedonia today the weather will be variable cloudy, in the morning with sunny periods, especially in the east. In the afternoon in the west will start precipitation which will continue through the night and will spread everywhere. In the higher mountains, the precipitation will be snowy. The wind will be light to moderate, while from noon it will be temporarily strengthened from the southeast direction.

Morning temperatures will range from minus 6 to 0 degrees Celsius, while daytime from 4 to 12 degrees Celsius.

In Skopje and the surrounding area, the weather will be cloudy with variable clouds, while at the end of the day and at night it will rain. It will blow, temporarily reinforced wind from the southeast direction. The minimum temperature will drop to n -2, while the maximum will reach up to 10 degrees Celsius.

Until Thursday follows the weather period with variable eclipses with temporary rainfall, which will be more torrential on Saturday when in some places it will fall over 20l / m2. In the mountains, the precipitation will be snowy where the snow layer will increase, while there will be snowfall in some higher areas, informs DPHM./TV21