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Florian Marku wins over boxer Jorick Luisetto

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Albanian boxer Florian Marku has managed to defend the title of champion in light weight, defeating the Frenchman Jorick Luisetto.

Marku and Luisetto have faced each other at Wembley Stadium in London, where this confrontation belongs to the main match between Riakporhe and Durodola.

The match between Mark and Luisettos took place in eight rounds, in the category up to 66.7 kilograms, where in most of the rounds he dominated with his shots against the opponent.

Meanwhile, the judges' decision was 78 for Mark and 76 for Luisetto.

Makru after this match said that it was a difficult victory, but achieved.

"Boxing is my life. I would like to play a match in AlbaniaHe said.