In search of 2 weeks, 45-year-old Kosovar arrested for raping 8-year-old nephew

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A Kosovar citizen was arrested today at the Morina border crossing, after being declared wanted by the Berat police for about 2 weeks for "sexual intercourse with a minor".

45-year-old citizen BK from Prizren is accused by his 8-year-old nephew of raping her. The child himself reported it to the police and the forensic report confirmed it.

It is learned that the event happened about a month ago in the house of my uncle in Prizren, where the 8-year-old nephew had gone for a few days with his mother for vacation.

After the arrest, the 45-year-old was sent to the Berat prison, after the Berat Court had imposed on him in his absence the security measure "prison arrest".

The 8-year-old child lives in Berat with his father and mother, who has been married for 10 years in Berat./oranews