3 horoscope signs that will find true love in July and August

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Summer will bring incredible turns of feelings especially for people born in the following signs, who will enjoy love during July and August. If you are on the list of the lucky ones, smile and live to the maximum this new period in your life.


This summer you are the star of the show. After all, Jupiter will move through your first home, bringing you an endless source of self-confidence. And when you feel confident, you also feel real. When you are real, you attract people who appreciate it. They will admire your brave soul, kindling the flame of passion.


You should know that summer is the time when you shine the most. The solar return takes place from July 22nd to August 22nd, which makes you the main character of the summer season. However, your birthday is not the only reason why you attract love. Over the summer, Jupiter will bring so much happiness to your adventurous 9th house, which can introduce you to someone you never thought you would fall in love with.


This summer brings you a lot of love. Jupiter will spend the season moving through your 7th house of relationships, making you get as much positivity as possible. However, as Saturn continues to move through your fifth romantic home, you will decide to work on anything that prevents you from expressing yourself. Don’t worry if you get too obsessed with someone because you deserve someone special in life.