30 years since the establishment of the Kosovo Olympic Committee

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Today marks 30 years since the establishment of the Kosovo Olympic Committee.

May 27, 1992 was the day when Kosovo's sport became part of the country's highest sporting institution, the Kosovo Olympic Committee (KOC).

On this day, in the Renaissance building in Pristina, were gathered well-known names of sports, great contributors, who founded the Kosovo Olympic Committee.

On this occasion, the President of KOK, Ismet Krasniqi, expressed his innumerable gratitude and thanks to all those who contributed and gathered to establish KOK.

"I cordially thank all those who took the courage and gathered to establish the KOC, thus endangering their lives by the Serbian regime, which by arresting and imprisoning sports contributors, tried to stop any of our sports activities. "May 27, 1992, is a date of special importance for the Olympic movement, as the establishment of the KOC paved the way for many sports federations, which began their activities independent of the sport of the former Yugoslavia," said Krasniqi.

The latter added that on this jubilee anniversary, the KOC is in other circumstances, equal to all National Olympic Committees, thanks to membership in the IOC on December 9, 2014.

Krasniqi also thanked all the members of the Executive Boards, as well as the former presidents who headed the KOC: Veton Surroi, Shaqir Shaqiri and Besim Hasani.

At that time, on May 27, 1992, the first chairmanship of the KOC consisted of nine members as: Veton Surroi (chairman), Prof. Dr. Behlul Brestovci (Vice President), Prof. Dr. Esat Staviceli (basketball), Aziz Salihu (boxing), Fahri Buçinca (handball) and Hysen Rakovica (FKF), until one member was later elected.

The Supervisory Board consisted of Ismail Hyseni, Bedri Hamza and Adem Fejzullahu. In addition to the members, who came mainly from Olympic sports, meritorious workers and former athletes were elected as: Fadil Vokrri, Hysen Syla, Mustafë Syla, Muhamet Berisha, Mehmet Bogujevci, Sefedin Reçica, Agim Kasapolli and Isak Latiti./21Media