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6 tips to accurately measure blood pressure

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If you measure your blood pressure several times in a row and get a different number each time, then you certainly have not done your part of the job correctly.

Here's what you need to do to measure your blood pressure properly and always get the right numbers.

Go to the bathroom first

When your bladder is full, you feel a little nervous. Standing and often moving the legs can affect the pressure. Due to a full bladder, the measured pressure value may be 5-10 mmHg higher than the proper one.

Take a break

It is necessary to rest for at least five minutes at the place where you plan to measure the pressure. Of course that place should be as comfortable as an armchair or a sofa.

Sit properly

You should sit in a chair or armchair that is comfortable for you. In addition, it would be ideal to have support for the arms, back and legs.

Hand position

Squeeze the sleeve up to the arm on which you will measure the pressure. Measure the pressure in both hands for the first time and the one with the highest value will be measured with it in the future.

Stay in place while the process takes

Do not talk or move during the measurement. The results can be affected, so the pressure value may be several tens of mmHg higher than the real value.

Avoid hot drinks

You should not drink coffee or black tea before measuring, as they can increase values, and before measuring blood pressure, avoid energy drinks.