60 irregular vehicles within the year in Polog, Neimi: Transport companies to have their own garages for control

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For 12 months, the Tetovo Police has registered about 60 vehicles in irregular technical condition that transport passengers.

"During the control actions carried out during the last 12 months, the Sector for Internal Affairs Tetovo, in road traffic has found that about 60 public transport vehicles have circulated in road transport with irregularities or technical defects", said Fatmir Rexhepi, spokesman of SPB Tetovo .

Blerim Neimi, traffic engineer, says that the legal obligation for vehicles for passenger transport to perform technical inspection in only 6 months is insufficient. It is of the opinion that transport companies should have a contract with companies or have their own garages where vehicles can be inspected after each trip.

"It does not mean that the transport means will not have technical means, if it has come out of the technical control in a regular condition after a short period, the defect may appear and the defects are often present. I think that the companies should have their own garages and services after each transport, in order to prepare the vehicle for the next transport and I think that every time the technical errors of the means of transport will be identified ", Neimi estimates.

After the tragedy with the bus in Bulgaria, the controls of transport vehicles have been increased in Macedonia./TV21