72 years since the founding of the "Migjeni" theater

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Yesterday marked the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the "Migjeni" Theater in Shkodra.

The professional troupe of the theater "Migjeni" was established on November 24, 1949, pursuant to decision no. 572 of the Council of Ministers of that time and consisted of a director Andre Skanjeti.

Also, there were eight professional actors; Çezarina Çiftja, Antonjeta Fishta, Vitore Nino, Adem Kastrati, Ndoc Deda, Ndrek Prela, Paulin Lacaj and Tef Krroqi. Twelve amateur actors; Tinka Kurti, Bahrije Mani, Fadile Mustafa, Zef Jubani, Lin Gjoni, Enrik Prendushi, Gjovalin Çarkashija, Halim Kali, Kolec Tarfuku, Çesk Vuksani, Muhamet Ulqinaku.

The first premiere was given on May 26, 1950.

Over 71 years, this troupe has made 226 premieres, with an average of 3.01 per year. Of these 228 premieres were 138 dramas, 66 comedies, 7 poetic theater, 4 monodramas, 10 dramas and 1 comedy for children. In 72 years, 96 professional actors have acted (out of which 34 are female actors), and 282 amateur actors.

228 Albanian playwrights (out of these 70 women), 1 directors (out of these 45 directors), 5 scenographers (out of these 46 scenographers), choreographer, 2 costume designers (out of these 9 costume designers) have contributed to 7 premieres.

This number is higher in reality, but, before the 90s, the costumes were designed by scenographers and were not marked on the posters of the shows.