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A 30-year-old man is killed in Ferizaj, the suspected perpetrator is injured by the Police

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In the early hours of today, a 30-year-old man with the initials GH, died as a result of gunshot wounds.

According to the first information, the suspected perpetrator is another 30-year-old with the initials QJ, who shot at the victim.

The suspect himself was injured by police officers because he did not obey the orders to stop and at one point he aimed his weapon at the police officers.

Near the scene, a police unit with an official civilian vehicle and members of the police in civilian clothes, on duty, spotted the suspect with a firearm in his hand and initially started with verbal orders "stop the police" to stop, but the suspect disobeyed police orders. The suspect with a pistol in his hand, is suspected that, at one point he turns to the police officers and a police officer, to avoid direct danger to him, his colleague and others around him, uses the official firearm, with a shot in the arm. direction of the suspect. The suspect was immediately sent for medical assistance to the Emergency Center in Ferizaj, and then for further medical treatment was sent to the UCCK - Pristina and according to doctors, his health condition is stable and out of danger for life, while the police have taken measures. for his safety ", is announced by the police.

The case was reported to the custodial prosecutor by the Basic Prosecution of Ferizaj and PIK who came to the scene.

With the decision of the Prosecutor regarding the actions of the police officer, the Prosecutor of the case will take a decision together with the PIK, while for other investigative actions related to the murder, the Regional Investigation Sector from the Regional Police Directorate in Ferizaj.

Two firearms and 7 cartridges were confiscated from the scene as material evidence.

Also, with the decision of the Prosecutor, the lifeless body of the victim was sent to the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Prishtina for autopsy, while the suspect QJ was issued a detention order for 48 hours.

The Regional Investigation Sector from the Regional Police Directorate in Ferizaj, under the authorization of the Prosecutor has taken all necessary actions At the scene, has collected material and declarative evidence on how the case occurred.21Media