Basha: Organizers of violence to be held accountable

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The chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, after the testimony he gave to the prosecution, in a press release said that he demands full disclosure and bringing to justice the perpetrators and organizers of the violence on January 8.

"Although the DP, we were subject to a barbaric and violent attack, on the one hand I demand full disclosure and full accountability of the perpetrators, organizers, instigators of violence and on the other hand, I tell the Democrats that we will not lose any second in this trap where our opponent wants us, but it takes an hour before we have to be at the top of the battle to liberate him. Albania from this nightmare that is a product of misgovernance and an ally of misgovernance. Sali Berisha with the acts of January 8 has proved to be a valuable ally, because the precious time of the deputies, the leaders of the Democratic Party, a time spent by the media that should have been made available to the public good, denouncing and demanding accountability today the prosecutor should have complained about the incinerators' affair, other corrupt affairs, unfortunately with his disruptive acts and actions, and with his language and rhetoric of violence, Berisha has tried to prevent this. "He should emphasize that he did not succeed," he said./Oranews