"Candle's words"

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Poems by Naim Frashëri

"Candle's words"

I stood among you
I'm burning,
to give you some light,
at night to make them day.

I will melt, I will drain,
to burn, to scorch,
to shine on you and see,
to know one another.

for you I will melt,
not a bit to be left,
to burn and cry with tears,
that you can not bear the desire.

I'm not afraid of fire
and I never want to go out,
if I burn with desire,
as much as you can feel better.

when you see me wasted,
do not think I am dead;
I'm alive and I're alive
I am in the true light,

I am in your soul,
do not treat me as a stranger,
my patience is forgiven,
therefore I burn like a brave,

that you want me to do you good,
not to be left in the dark.
collar around me stay,
talk, laugh, eat, drink,

in my soul I have love,
without burning for humanity,
let me burn,
I do not want to be cold anymore,

I want to burn the Cretan body
for that true god.
with fire to burn the lungs
and to decay for man,

along with his joys
own to god.
i love humanity,
kindness' and wisdom.

be friends with me,
if you love me as I love you,
love each other,
wicked do not work.

o flying hearts,
approach this flame a little!
measure the wings to burn,
yea, and sanctify the soul.

I'm scorching,
I enlightened people.
I have been friends with man,
therefore I know them and they know me.

I have seen all of you,
mother 'and father' of tribe and seed,
as I now have them all in mind,
who stay with this place.

even today I see you,
that I know their soul,
and I, like you, am afraid
I'm mixed and changed,

without I have been done many times
fire and water and mud and wind.
I am a spark in the sky
and a sunshade.

even among the flying skies,
even in the sea you stand,
many times sleep in the mud,
I am somewhere and in honey

I become a drunken lamb and kid,
flowers and grass and sprouts.
I want to say a lot of words to you,
I'm afraid not to water them.
and where they are written on the card
words of fiery language?