Dairy producers are asking for urgent help from the Government

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The Association of Dairy Producers has announced that they are asking the Government to urgently apply additional incentive measures and pay the remaining unpaid subsidies (as well as the remaining grants for payment), which, according to them, even more have aggravated the overburdened situation of farmers.

They have announced in a press release that the situation is alarming and as a result of the created circumstances they have every day the closure of farms and reduction of livestock fund, while on the other hand have increased demand for quality milk, but also other agricultural products. elementary.

Therefore, we hope that given the aggravated situation, the above-mentioned payments will be realized as soon as possible, which would alleviate this situation created in the agricultural sector in general, as well as the ministry to review and prioritize the circumstances of the situation. created in the livestock sector and others in Kosovo and beyond and to allocate additional funds and incentive measures to survive the situation created and to be competitive with the region who are applying additional support from their governments ", is made known in the communiqué./ 21Media