Dairy producers are seeking help from the Government

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Ardian Purrini from the Association of Dairy Producers in "Startup" of RTV21, said that milk production has decreased due to the reduction in the number of cows.

"We think that together with the Ministry of Agriculture to make this work more profitable", said among others Purrini.

Purrini further said that there are currently 2 commercial farmers in Kosovo, he also added that before the pandemic there were more farmers.


The President of the Dairy Industry Association, Gani Durmishaj says that the pandemic caused many losses to the dairy industry in Kosovo, while adding that the Government is not taking measures for this.

Producer Bajram Jetishi said that if the Government does not take action, most farmers will fail.

"We are preparing for spring plantings, prices have risen and are affordable," said Jetishi./21Media