During 2021, the Foundation of Ferizaj filed 214 indictments for cases of domestic violence

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The Basic Prosecution in Ferizaj, during 2021, has treated with priority the cases of domestic violence, where in total, it has received 217 cases with 239 persons and from all these cases treated.

In this regard, the Prosecution has filed 214 indictments against 236 persons related to criminal offenses of domestic violence, while the remaining three cases are still under investigation.

Also, in most of these cases, in order to successfully conduct criminal proceedings against the defendants, the Prosecution has submitted requests for detention on remand, respectively, in fifty (50) cases of this nature. , fifty (50) requests for detention on remand were made, which were also approved by the Court. "In all these cases of domestic violence, most of the victims have been female, who have experienced violence in various forms, psychological, physical and economic," the statement said.

It is worth mentioning that in these cases, 48 ​​cases were completed with a guilty verdict and no case was acquitted.

Also, regarding these cases, the Basic Prosecution in Ferizaj has appointed a prosecutor-coordinator for the most efficient handling of these cases.

The Basic Prosecution in Ferizaj has added that it will continue to treat domestic violence with great seriousness, taking all necessary actions to prevent and fight criminal acts of this nature.21Media