The President of Finland talked to Putin, told him about the plan for NATO membership

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The President of Finland, Sauli Niinisto, talked on the phone with his Russian host, Vladimir Putin, about which he told him about his plans to join NATO.

Part of their conversation was published by Finland, where Niinsito told Putin "that Russian demands at the end of 2021 aimed at preventing countries from joining NATO and Russia's massive occupation of Ukraine in February of 2022 have changed the security environment in Finland ”.

Niinisto has even informed Putin that Finland decides to seek NATO membership in the coming days.

Niinisto added that he had told Putin at their first meeting since 2012 that "every independent nation maximizes its security" and that by joining NATO, Finland was taking on its responsibilities.

"The conversation was direct and took place without irritation. "Avoiding tensions was considered important," Niinisto said.21Media