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Giresse talks about Kurtulus's decision: I'm disappointed

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The coach of the Kosovo National Team, Alain Giresse, held today a press conference after the gathering of the team for the matches of June, valid for the League of Nations. He expressed optimism for all four games while confirming that all the invited players are ready to appear.

The conference started with the announcement that Hammarby footballer, Edvin Kurtulus, who was previously the captain of the U21 National Team and who was recently on Alain Giresse's list for the June matches, has informed FFK that he has made his choice, deciding to play for Sweden.

The coach of the Kosovo National Team did not hide his disappointment where he commented on Kurtulus's last decision.

"I'm definitely disappointed, but what can I do? I can not go to Sweden and tell him to play for Kosovo. He was the captain of the U21 National Team. I have the conversations, he was happy with the decision he made and the decision belongs to him. "The fact that we have invited him to play for Kosovo does not mean that there will necessarily be airtime", he said.

Returning to the challenges of June, Giresse stated that in order to achieve the objectives for these four matches, the team is required to make a better performance and to respect the opponents on the field to the maximum.

"Our goal, to answer the question, is to have the best possible performance in these four games, meaning two games outside and two games inside. "Our goal is to prepare as well as possible for these games, it means game after game to prepare as best we can in order to meet our expectations," said Giresse.

Kosovo plays the first match as a guest against Cyprus, on June 2, while then plays two matches at home against Greece and Northern Ireland, to conclude this gathering with the match as a guest against Greece, on June 12.

Asked which match he considers the most difficult, Giresse's answer was that all matches are important and not easy, and if the team starts to underestimate the opponents, then this will be the starting point towards failure.

"I would answer differently, I would say that there is no easy match, because if we start with the thought that for us there is an easy game, then this is probably the start to failure, we do not dare to consider the matches that way. In football you need modesty. To treat each game separately and for each game to give the maximum and not to enter with the idea that this game is difficult and this game is easy ", said Giresse.

Further, the French coach also spoke about the likelihood of Kosovo being the leader of the group, where despite the reluctance to promise any such success, he expressed optimism that this goal can be achieved.

"Why not, why not be in the first place. I do not want to discuss whether we have the opportunities or not. We do not want to set goals or promise anything before the game. "We will enter, we will take each game separately, and why not in the end to be the leader of the group, but to see", said Giresse.

Regarding the absence of Rashan and Hadërgjonaj, he said that the players asked not to be included in these matches for personal reasons.