Dua Lipa asks for about 2 euros for a meeting with him

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"The Sun" has published an article where he revealed the payments required by some of the celebrities, for a meeting or photo with them, during their tours. According to the British newspaper Dua Lipa is the most demanding.

Tickets to visit the Kosovar singer are not cheap. Fans for Dua Lipa pay up to 2 euros for a "home party" before the show held at the concert venue, rtv200.tv reports.

The package includes a dance lesson from a professional choreographer, access to a glam squad and a group photo with the 26-year-old star himself.

Clients who pay even have the opportunity to do a dance with the singer, but only if they enter and win a contest in advance.

Less than the Kosovar singer are looking for Wayne Rooney, singer Justin Bieber, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and singer Alicia Keys./21Media