The Kosovar becomes the mayor of a municipality in Sweden, for RTV21 he talks about his journey

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He moved to Sweden when he was only 8 years old, and has now officially taken over the position of mayor of Tranemo.

It is about the Kosovar, Driton Bilalli from the Social Democratic party, who for the portal has shown that to get this post, it was not difficult because according to him, he grew up in Tranemo and knows most of the people there.

Bilalli, originally from the city of Vushtrri, has shown that there was no race to be elected mayor of Tranemo, he was elected by the political majority.

"There are no races here. Here the chairman is elected by the majority. In other words, the political majority elected me. "My program is the program of the party", said Bilalli.

Bilal's journey in politics in a country far from his homeland began in 2017.

"The road starts in 2017 when I joined the Social Democratic party. "Then 4 months ago I became the chairman of the party and now of the municipality", Bilalli said.

For he added that there are close to 70-80 Albanian families in Tranemo.

Bilalli, already president of Tranmo in Sweden, has been living since 1992./ 21Media