Favorite cars of Kosovars

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About 400 thousand vehicles circulate on the roads of Kosovo. The cars that circulate in the country are very different, but those that come from the Volkswagen family remain the most favorite for Kosovars.

There are no less than 106 thousand 559 Volkswagen cars circulating on the roads of Kosovo.

According to the data provided portals rtv21.tv from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kosovo (MIA), after Volkswagen, Kosovars are "miracles" of Opel, Audi, Mercedes Benz and BMW.

There are 37 Opel cars in circulation in the country; 111 thousand 26 "Audi" cars; 555 thousand 24 Mercedes Benz and 219 thousand 17 BMW.

Kosovars also drive other cars such as: Renault (13.027), Peugeot (12.231), Daimler Chrysler (10.680).

Over 9 Kosovars have "Ford" type cars, and about 800 thousand have "Citroen".

Whereas, the vehicles or cars that Kosovars like the least are "Casper", "Renault 5A", "Nissan E", "Jet" etc… all these types are only one.

As for the origin of these funds, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) has said that they are from almost all over the world.

But, according to the data of the Ministry of Interior sent to the portal rtv21.tv, Kosovo mostly imports vehicles from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France and Austria. There are a total of 147 thousand 623 vehicles imported from Germany, 94 thousand 455 others from Switzerland, 42 thousand 600 from Italy, 13 thousand 108 others from France, then Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Kosovo has imported fewer vehicles from Malta, Oman, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Mozambique, Moinmar, etc.… from all these countries only from one car which circulate on the roads of Kosovo./ 21Media