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Kosovo faces Poland, coach Fazliu and footballers express optimism for victory

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Kosovo national team in the women's category will face Poland tomorrow in the framework of qualifications for the 2023 World Cup at the "Fadil Vokrri" stadium.

On this occasion, coach Aferdita Fazliu said in a press conference that Poland is a very strong opponent, but that the team she leads aims at a positive result from this confrontation.

"It really is not that we are not in a strong group. Poland also joins two national teams such as Norway and Belgium, however we have tried since the October matches that we had the maximum to study the opposing team. It does not mean that Poland is seen as the favorite, we will give the maximum even though it will be difficult, it will not be an easy match… I hope that if tomorrow we will be able to reflect the values ​​we have in the national I hope for a positive result ", said Fazliu.

Fazliu further announced that Kosovo comes to this confrontation with two absences such as Modesta Uka and one of the central defenders of the team, while adding that Kosovo aims to finish in third place in this group.

"Initially, every selector prepares and tries and aims to achieve as high as possible. For us, the objective is to follow the upper part, it means to be ranked in the third place, which would be a great success for us, considering that we are talking about overcoming two vases ", stressed Fazliu.

Footballer Erleta Mehmeti promised that they will give their best as a team as they are maximally prepared and will seek victory against Poland.

"We know that Poland has a strong national team and we have been together for two days and we have tried to improve the mistakes we made with other opponents, not to make them in the next games. We have seen some games of Poland, we know that it is a good team but we will never give up, we will give the maximum because we are maximally prepared to enter for maximum points in the game ", said Mehmeti.

While the other football player Edona Kryeziu emphasized that they are not afraid of Poland and enter this match only for victory.

"We know Poland, we played with Poland but we as a national have grown up and played games together and found experience and I believe we are not afraid against Poland but we have respect and so I believe we will win", said Kryeziu.

Kosovo currently ranks fourth in Group F with four points, four less than tomorrow's opponent, Poland.