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KLA OVL: The Special Court today convicted innocent people

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Members of the Kosovo Liberation Army War Veterans Organization consider that their former leaders Hysni Gucati and Nasim Haradinaj are innocent. They continue to oppose the Special Court as they believe it should prosecute Serb crimes committed during the Kosovo war.

Following the sentencing by the Specialized Chambers in The Hague, which sentenced Hysni Gucati and Nasim Haradinaj to 4.5 years in prison each, the acting chairman of the KLA OVL, Faton Klinaku, considering the Special Court as a political court, said that The judge who announced the verdict today was the one who had requested that Fatmir Limaj be convicted in the "Kleçka" case, whether or not there were facts.

He said that with all their possibilities they will hinder the functioning of the Special.

"I expect from this prosecution, which is one of scandals, to bring me a CD as we have called flying saucers and if they bring them, I will still present them in the media, because we have neither known nor not this special court. we know. With all our possibilities we will hinder its functioning, because it does not pursue war crimes, but pursues Albanians. If he pursued war crimes, he would have to pursue the crimes and massacres caused by the invading Serbia in Kosovo. It is a pity that the deputies of the Assembly of Kosovo approve a political court, it is a pity that the deputies even now who are in the Assembly of Kosovo do not take measures against this pseudo-court because it is a court that gives political decisions. Which officials threatened Hysni Gucati and Nasim Haradinaj? If someone has threatened them, it is I who have threatened them the most. And what persons have hindered these and what witnesses have discovered these who say that 100 persons. All that we have done, we have presented to the media. The documents that came from the offices in The Hague and it was the duty of the media to publish them, whether to hide the persons or the names of those witnesses, but it is in the role or editing that the media do how they make them public ", He said.

Klinaku said that they will agree and if they organize protests they will be against the Assembly of Kosovo, which has done nothing to oppose the Special Court or the prosecution of war crimes in Kosovo.

"Now I expect to communicate with friends, protests if we do, they will be there, but also against the Assembly of Kosovo… Even in the beginning they told me not to protest because of these blackmailers, political judges have said that justice is being obstructed… Even those witnesses are accidentally mentioned a name, are Serbian criminals, Serbian police officers who have testified and all the documentation is of the invading Serbia, but also a witness who was mentioned, himself admitted that he is a witness of Special ”, he said.

Member of the Steering Council of OVL-KLA, Pren Marashi said that the main essence of this trial was the protection of witnesses what the Special Prosecution has not managed to do.

According to him, in this case the sources of the flow of this information should be made public and by not doing so they are punishing innocent people.

"We said before that initially this trial should not be held at all, because even in today's session it was proven that the court to cover the failure of witness protection, the failure of the public prosecution announces sentences. The essence of this trial is the protection of witnesses, that was not done by the Special Court, we did not have the opportunity to disclose these files or the names of these witnesses. This was done by the public prosecutor's office and special chambers, not the Veterans' Organization… In this case, the court should have published the source of the information, they did not do that, then innocent people are punished. "Even the silence of the judiciary is seen as a staged process because the names came from the court, not from the Veterans Organization", he stressed.

The President of the Association of Families of Martyrs, Xhavit Jashari, calling the Specialized Chambers a racist court, said that the flow of information happened to make a spectacle. He asked the institutions instead not to stand idly by in front of this court.

"Today it is really proven in our attitudes that it is a racist court. I do not feel bad if I call her a fascist, because her claims today proved that she works, acts with political suggestions from our former occupier, Serbia. Today it was proved with this decision that the flow of information to make a spectacle throughout the value of the KLA war is this prosecution and despite all the flows and what is happening unfairly to the just and pure war of the KLA, we we are determined in our right that the freedom to come here has taken sacrifice, but I think that the institutions of Kosovo should think seriously should learn and know that to come here and sit in those chairs that are sitting "Today, the three representatives of Kosovo must know the way how we got here… And if these institutions still have a little bit of morale, professionalism, patriotism and nationalism, I think they should not stand idly by", he said.

Former leaders of the Kosovo Liberation Army War Veterans Organization, Hysni Gucati and Nasim Haradinaj from the Specialized Chambers in The Hague have been sentenced to four and a half years in prison each by the Special Court for publishing Special documents. The time spent in detention on remand is also included in the sentence./KP