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Slovakia significantly reduces dependence on Russian gas supplies

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Slovakia has significantly reduced its dependence on gas supplies from Russia, said Prime Minister Eduard Heger and Economy Minister Richard Sulik.

"Today I can tell you that we have reduced by 65% ​​our dependence on Russian gas.", said Sulik. So far, Slovakia has bought more than 80% of its natural gas from Russia.

Heger also announced the start of test operations of a pipeline connecting Poland and Slovakia at a newly built natural gas compressor station in the eastern Slovak municipality of Vyrava.

"The pipeline, built with EU funding, will allow Slovakia to also receive gas from Norway and abroad." he stressed.

Sulik announced the signing of several gas supply contracts. An agreement with Norway could cover 32% of Slovakia's needs starting in June. Another 33% would come from other agreements for the supply of liquefied natural gas from cisterns across the Baltic Sea and Poland.

Due to the Russian occupation of Ukraine, some European countries are working to reduce their dependence on Russian gas supplies.