The Taliban call for international aid after the quake

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The Taliban in Afghanistan have called for international support, as the country is facing the consequences of a devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1, tranmseton

A powerful earthquake shook the mountainous region of eastern Afghanistan and left at least a thousand people dead. More than 1500 injured are reported.

The 6.1 magnitude earthquake is one of the deadliest in decades, officials in Afghanistan have said. The death toll could continue to rise as crews are removing debris.

Afghanistan is in the midst of a humanitarian and economic crisis, a senior Taliban official, Abdul Qahar Balkhi, said the government was "financially incapable of helping people to the extent necessary".

Aid agencies, neighboring countries and world powers were helping, he said, but added: "Aid must be increased to a very large extent, because this is a devastating earthquake that has not been experienced in decades."21Media