The British Prime Minister's Office apologizes to the Queen for the holidays during the isolation

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The office of the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has apologized to the British Queen Elizabeth II, after it was announced that the staff of the Government held a party in the offices of the Prime Minister, during the funeral ceremony of Prince Philip.

At that time, indoor gatherings were prohibited.

Johnson is facing the worst crisis during his leadership, as evidence of holiday organizing being implemented almost daily during the implementation of restrictive measures to combat the pandemic.

In that period, citizens could not say goodbye to the deceased family members.

Now Johnson is facing the demand to resign.

Opponents believe he lacks the ability to lead the state and has deceived parliament by denying that coronavirus regulations have been violated.

It was originally the British daily, the Daily Telegraph that published footage of the two festivities held inside the prime minister's offices on April 16, 2021, a day before Prince Philip's funeral ceremony.

"It is unfortunate that this happened in a time of national mourning and the Office of the Prime Minister apologizes to the Palace.", Johnson's spokesman told reporters.

According to him, Johnson was not part of the celebration.

According to the Telegraph, staff bought a suitcase of spirits at the store, and poured wine across the carpet.

The next day, Queen Elizabeth II bids farewell to Prince Philip, her husband of 73 years, who has died at the age of 99.