The claims of the Serbian List for the attack in Runik, the Police clarifies everything

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Kosovo Police in order to properly inform the public has reacted today to some articles published today on several different portals, which refer to the statements of the Serbian List that the person MK was attacked, in the village of Runik in Skenderaj and according to them this attack is anti-Serbian.

The case was reported on 16.01.2022 in the village of Runik in Skenderaj and has no connection with interethnic issues or as claimed as anti-Serb, but has to do with the initiated act "Assault", where according to the victim MK, a Kosovar man The Serb, during the communication with the Kosovar male suspect BS, came to the conversation between them as a pretext after the victim suspected that the suspect in question had damaged (cut) his forest on private property ", it is said in the communiqué.

Kosovo Police after reporting the case, immediately arrested the suspect and interviewed a witness of the case and after completing the case was processed in due process.

The police considers that the public opinion should be informed correctly and correctly and in no single case should it be misinformed as in this case, as evidenced by the following communiqué published on 16.01.2022 by the competent regional directorate./ 21Media