Qelaj on visit to The Hague: Concern has been the reduction of freedom inside Salih Mustafa prison

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The People's Advocate, Naim Qelaj, tonight in "Argument Plus" spoke about the visit to the Specialized Chambers of the Special Court in The Hague.

Among other things, he said that the detainees have expressed dilemmas about the credibility of the court, writes rtv21.tv

Qelaj on RTV21 said that the concern was the reduction of freedom inside Salih Mustafa prison. He said Mustafa is separated from the rest of the detainees.

In this regard, the People's Advocate stated that he would raise this concern with the authorities.

Among other things, the People's Advocate expressed the concerns of the detainees.

He added that the state should consider sending a differentiated team to The Hague to monitor the process.

Otherwise, so far, the Specialized Chambers have arrested and confirmed the indictments of the main leaders of the Kosovo Liberation Army, including former President Hashim Thaçi, former Speakers of Parliament, Kadri Veseli and Jakup Krasniqi, MP Rexhep Selimi and the other superior of KLA, Salih Mustafa. Pjetër Shala was also arrested and the leaders of the KLA War Organization, Hysni Gucati and Nasim Haradinaj, were accused of obstructing the administration of justice and intimidating witnesses.21Media