MCYS: Xhevdet Bajraj's contribution to modern Albanian literature is incomparable

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Poet Xhevdet Bajraj has died today at the age of 62.

The news was announced by his brother, Fadil Bajraj through a status on the social network Facebook.

Bajraj settled in Mexico after the war in Kosovo, where he died.

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS) through an article published on the social network Facebook, has expressed condolences to the family and all our people.

"We received the news of the death of the poet, Xhevdet Bajraj, with deep sorrow. Bajraj was a unique figure of our poetry and literature, who even living far from the country since 1999, always kept alive in poetry and drama, among other things, nostalgia for Kosovo as a permanent and inseparable part of it. Xhevdet Bajraj's contribution to modern Albanian literature is incomparable. Winner of national and international awards, let us remember Bajraj through the greatness of the word and the goods expressed in verses ", wrote MCYS on Facebook.

Further in the MCYS article it is said that today we did not lose only one poet, but we lost an artist with high values ​​and a precious man./21Media