The shooting of the movie "Sirin", the Kosovar actress in one of the main roles, started

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The shooting of the movie "Sirin" directed by the Montenegrin director, Senad Shahmanovic has started today. This was announced by the Kosovar actor, Fatmir Spahiu, who informed that in the movie "Sirin" one of the main roles is played by the Kosovar actress, Majlinda Kosumovi,, who will play alongside well-known European actresses such as: Danica Curicic, then the movie star Bosnian, "Qui Vadia Aida", Jasna Djuricic, etc.

In the movie "Sirin", in other roles will play: Fatmir Spahiu, Simon Shkreli, Bashkim Alaj etc.

The film will be shot mainly in Ulcinj and Podgorica.

The premiere of the film is expected to be given at the end of the year.

Otherwise, the film "Sirin" is a co-production of Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and Croatia.21Media