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The grandfather of the wounded in Gllogjan: We do not suspect anyone

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The medical staff at the Peja Hospital have successfully completed the operation by removing the cartridge of the high school student, who was injured by automatic weapons in the village of Gllogjan in Deçan.

His grandfather, Musli Turkaj, said that he is a student of the economic high school in Gjakova and travels every day from the village of Dubrava.

Expressing his condolences to all the families who lost their loved ones, he said that the case happened while returning home.

"He is a student of the high school of economics in Gjakova, returning, the event happened. Condolences were extended to all those families who have lost loved ones. Flianti was in the operation, according to the doctors, the operation was performed successfully, they removed the bullet that was left in his leg, he is feeling well. The doctors said that now there is no problem ", he said, adding that the doctors told him that he is not in a serious condition and everything will be fine for his nephew.

Further, he indicated that they did not discuss with his nephew as he was not able to speak.

"They do not know now, only the authorities know their job here…. There was a girl next to him, they are saying that the deceased.. We have no doubts, how can we have doubts when it is spoken to students", he said.

He emphasized that the bus line is from Gjakova, passes through the villages of Deçan and returns to Gjakova.