The statue of Commander Adem Jashari in Shtime is unveiled

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In honor of the holiday of November 28, today was unveiled the statue of the legendary commander, Adem Jashari, in the city center in Shtime.

This statue was immortalized in this municipality to serve as a reminder to future generations of the ancestral sacrifice for the liberation of the country.

The mayor of Shtime, Naim Ismajli said that we are promoting the statue of Commander Adem Jashari on this special day and moment.

"With the KLA war was crowned what was expected for centuries, the freedom of Kosovo, so in these special days when we inaugurate statues like that of Commander Adem Jashari and his soldiers, members of the KLA, of course the memory returns back not only for 22 years but also for decades and centuries. Our people until the achievement of freedom, had a long, difficult journey with full sacrifices, where many Albanians pay, even with blood. That is why all of us who breathe freely have an obligation, the memory of the past and respect, and yet what we must remember most are the values ​​of the KLA because they are the foundation on which our state, the state, is being built. the youngest, the Republic of Kosovo ", said Ismajli./21Media