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This is the 907 kg bomb found in Merdare

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The Kosovo Security Force has published photos of a bomb, which was found tonight not far from the Merdare border crossing, which exploded in a controlled manner by the KSF and KFOR.

"The EOD team of the Kosovo Security Force Demining Company, together with the KFOR EOD teams eliminate the risk of a Mk 84 bomb weighing 907 kg. "This bomb was removed from the railway tunnel in Merdare where it is being cleaned by the humanitarian demining organization NPA", it is said in the post.

Earlier, Kosovo Police announced that KFOR members had detonated an explosive device one kilometer away from the Merdare border crossing.

Baki Kelani, spokesman of the Kosovo Police has announced that today around 17:30 in the border police station Merdare from members of KFOR was requested a temporary ban on the movement of persons and vehicles, because they are making the explosion in a controlled manner of an explosive device.

"The location of the explosive device was over a kilometer away from the border point, but for security reasons the traffic was stopped for a short time," said Kelani.

Around 18:20 the road is cleared for normal traffic.